Names (Patreon single)

by Pocket Vinyl



This song was made as a promise to everyone who supported us on Patreon before June 28 2018.

We promised everyone that we'd have their names in lyrics to a new song we wrote. At first, we thought it would be a cheesy name-game-esque thing just for fun, but as we worked on it, we decided to try to make it more.

This song is more or less a prediction about how people will find love in their lives, or how/where they already have it. Not love as in "romantic love" but as in the kind of love that leads you towards good and ethical decisions in your life. The kind you may see in a stranger, an animal, a pair of flowers, a friend, yourself....the kind that, frankly, is too hard to describe here in words.

This song is very lyric heavy. 46 names of Patreon supporters are included (plus a few extras for various reasons). If you supported us on Patreon, thank you so much. If you'd like to join the fun with the rest of us, we'd love to have you, and perhaps we'll do more fun stuff like this in the future involving everyone.


Aaron you'll see love next time you're on tour
When you help a band turn into something pure
Ana you'll see love next time you are walking
Beside a young child who just started talking
Andy you'll see love when next to your family
And they bring you back when you're losing your sanity
Autumn you'll see love in all the hard labor
That someone else did for you for a favor

Bill you'll see love in the smallest of creatures
And how they depend upon you as a leader
Bryan you'll see love rather than hate
When you discover the former will make you great
Caileen your heart will give you what you need
When all other options seem to impede
Carrie you'll notice love when you sing
And every note resonates with everything

Christopher you'll hear love in a duet
Between two voices you could never forget
Cody you'll feel love when you give a chance
To someone you wouldn't think asks you to dance
Craig you see love outside on your driveway
In a mother bird teaching her chick to fly away
Daniel you'll hear love if you listen close
To the laugh of a person you love the most

Liz you'll feel love that's disguised as a joke
That you'll realize later meant more than you know
Emily you'll hear love when her name's said
Aria Echo Marion Kaye Lee Fear Velasquez
Ethan you'll see love when you least expect it
When the last thing you did was entirely reject it
Emily Shipsey you'll see love inside
Of yourself when you fail but are glad you tried

Jake you'll know love in a selfless action
One that ignores all creeds and factions
Jimmy you'll find love everyday that you're living
Every time you understand the power of forgiving
Jeff you'll see love when you exude patience
And leave behind all of your expectations
Pour Jon's will see love in a cup of coffee
Shared between friends, forming a memory

Jonas you'll find love in increasing passion
That will be defined with your formative actions
Justin you'll know love as clear as day
As the world evolves from it's current state
Kate you'll find love when you look at April
Who will lift you up when you're unable
Keith you'll see love that has never faded
In the glorious things that you've created

Kelly you'll know love the minute you see it
It'll consume you to where you will be it
Kurt I know you have love every day
In the hearts and souls of Nicole and Ray
Leah you'll find love inside of your being
In a way that is only described as “freeing”
Mark there is love inside an ugly place
That can be seen through a lens of grace

Matthew you'll know love, it'll be an epiphany
Like all of creation is playing a symphony
Megan you'll learn that love isn't static
It's beauty is conveyed because it's erratic
Michael you'll notice love in a picture
Which attaches to you and becomes a fixture
Nate you'll hold love in the palm of your hand
In a way where you finally understand

Nichole you'll see love in a humble meal
That challenges what you know is real
Nikki you'll find love inside of your failures
You'll come out stronger, it's part of your nature
Paul you'll see love when you see hope
The two are connected more than you know
Peter you'll see love when you're not blind
To the joys of the small things in daily life

Rachel you'll find love in the heart of a stranger
You rescues you from some kind of danger
Rhea you'll discover love in a song
Which you and your friends can sing along
Scott you'll know love when you finally dive
Into the scariest parts of your mind
Stacy love is required for your health
And you'll always find it inside of yourself

Stefanie there is love in your speech
It seems far away but is within your reach
Steven you see love but it's hard to accept
You'll get better at it the older you get
Stephen Muller you'll see love in the dark
As it's light pierces through all that you are
Timothy you'll find love as you grow
I'm sure you're kids think you're mighty hero

Tim you'll see love in the largest act
From a person who you know has your back
Zach you'll find love while you dig for adventure
With Ashley there, you move forward together
Elizabeth you'll find love inside of my heart
Just like I find it within all of your art
I'll give you all the love that I can
To empty myself to be a better man


released December 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Pocket Vinyl Norwich, Connecticut

The Basics about Pocket Vinyl:

-Eric Stevenson slams on the piano and sings while Elizabeth Jancewicz paints on stage

-The songs are mainly meant to stare uncomfortably truths about sex, death, silence, etc. in the face and confront them

-They are trying hard to be your favorite band

Beyond that, enjoy the music.
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